Basic Social Distancing Marquee Guide

The current guidelines are 1+ metres of space between each table or group. If the 2m distancing without other measures in place is used there will be a reduction of indoor seating capacity for most by approximately 20-50%.

For those who do not have surplus indoor space, using a temporary cover in their garden or part of their car park is a great option to supplement this loss in capacity. We have developed social distancing seating plans below for the various style on offer. The below drawings take into account 2m distancing (for approx. 1m distancing please see the individual product pages)

As standard all marquees come suitable for soft ground, for hardstanding we recommend the Pagoda or Hex, but in certain situations the Espree and Star can be put on hardstanding. We have a number of options available for securing to hardstanding, including our NanoLink water weights.

*Updated as of 11/06/2020

Pagoda Series


Hex Series


Star Series


Espree Series