Pagoda³ XG 6x6m

Updated Hardstanding Spec. The most popular size and best value Pagoda
WindRatings Warranty AluminiumFrame
Price: £2,349.00 + VAT

(includes walls, stakes, HD2 storm ratchet kit and XG Wall Ground Bar System)

The Pagoda³ is a curved tension tent that maximises the usable space by using above head cross cables; eliminating the need for support poles. Their anodised aluminium, simple, bolt-less design allows for easy transportation, storage, and installation involving only two people due to the reduced amount of hardware in comparison to other frame tents.

Modular by design, they can be connected to each other using an almost invisible gutter, creating the coverage of a large marquee with the flexibility and easy of setups of a smaller marquee. The Pagoda² 6x6m has the added flexibility of being able to connect to many of the Espree range and also the 12m Hex.

Proven in use for over 20 years, the Pagoda² has received minor upgrades over the years, but remains a popular choice for its strength and simplicity.

Every Crown Canopy marquee comes ready for commercial use, including UK tested fireproof PVC, a 5 year framework warranty and wind loadings.

XG Ground Bar System
  • 4x new, all-round bigger and better feet (better for soft ground too!)
  • Stronger resistance against the wind (for the bottom of the walls)
  • Perfect for securing the walls on hardstanding
  • Better suited to leaving the Pagoda up for longer periods
  • Faster erection and take-down compared to the standard wall tabs and pegs
  • Usually found in premium frame marquees
  • £100 saving when compared to purchasing it seperately

Panoramic Upgrade

  • Includes: XG Pagoda Wall Ground Bar System
  • 2x Panoramic window walls, 1x plain wall and 1x plain wall with a 1.5m zip door
  • Anodised T6061 aluminium frame (pole diameter of 64mm with a 3.2mm wall)
  • Heavy Duty White 550g PVC (19 oz) - UK fireproof certificate to B.S. 5438 (for public events), blackout and UV resistant
  • Extra long galvanised steel eave joiner
  • Professional grade 8x 750mm double head stakes
  • Included and upgraded HD2 Storm Ratchet Kit with 4x 50mm ratchets
  • 25mm ratches down the legs instead of rope ratchets for a more tensioned roof
  • Erected within 45 minutes (weather permitting, using 2 people, excluding walls, first few times may take longer)

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Why we use a predominantly Anodised Aluminium structure:

  • Pros: Rigidity, cost, strength
  • Cons: Weight, aesthetics, naturally prone to corrosion
  • Used in: Budget marquees (for the poles)

Steel is comparatively more rigid than aluminium, but this strength comes with a weight penalty, meaning the poles will be more challenging to handle and move. Steel needs to be galvanised for outdoor use, but can still leave black marks on material that rubs up against it. It is a cost effective choice for the poles of mass market, budget end marquees.

Anodised Aluminium Alloy:
  • Pros: Durability, lightweight, corrosion resistance, aesthetics
  • Cons: Cost
  • Used in: Premium marquees (for the poles)

Aluminium is a lighter metal than steel and in order to strengthen aluminium it is combined with a second metal to create an alloy. Aluminium can then be anodised to resist corrosion better than steel, requiring less maintenance. The aesthetic look of anodised aluminium is also another reason it is popular for premium marquees. You will only find anodised large aluminium poles / boxing in premium marquees.

Due to its aesthetic, weight and durability, aluminium comes with a more expensive price tag.

At Crown Canopies we do not use steel poles for the above reasons. Instead we use a hard anodised aluminium alloy for the poles and occasionally use corrosive resistant, zinc plated / galvanised steel parts where we require the strength of steel without adding unnecessary bulk.

This creates an ideal combination of a strong, yet lightweight strucutre which is built to last.

"The pagoda was a big hit yesterday and it is now packed away. I am very happy with the pagoda and it is much better quality than I thought it would be..."
Bay Tree Events

"On our opening day we had 3x 6m Pagodas connected with gutters. We found them very easy to set up and they look extremely professional. We’ll be using them for other events and promotion days we have..."
Hattingley Valley Wines

"We now have two 6x6 pagoda canopies and they are brilliant for our medium sized events – they go up and down quickly and two people can realistically manage to erect them with ease..."
2:09 Events

"The Chinese Hats are extrememly quick and simple to assemble. They can be used for anything from walkway entrances to singe standing structures. Alternatively, with the use of their specially designed gutters it is possible to join several hats together..."
Perfect Pitch Marquees

"We have 5 of the 6x6m and 1 of the 3x3m Pagoda Canopies. These little tents are by far our best earner..."
Celebrate in Style

"The Canopies have been an excellent buy, they are popular with the customers and good value for money, and the customer service from Crown Canopies is excellent, I would definitely buy more, and as we say in Wales Diolch yn fawr iwan (Thank you very much)"
Peak Hire Marquees

"We have purchased your pagoda marquees from you for several years and this is the third generation that we have added to our inventory. Once again, we were very impressed with the build quality and noticed yet more little improvements to the design since our last purchase. This tent has now become so good, we just can’t see any difference between the Crown Canopy pagoda and the far more expensive offering from your competitors! "
Bradfield College


Marquee (XG Series):

Accessories (marquee order prices):

  • Save on the accessories delivery costs by selecting a Combo deal
  • For large or more complex orders please contact us.

Next day delivery

  • Freight to London, Isle of Wight, Ireland, Scotland is extra. Please contact us.


Aluminium frame
The Pagoda Canopy uses the strongest T6061 hard anodised aluminium with a 64mm diameter centre tube and a 3.2mm wall. This is designed to be resilient for UK weather and is bigger and stronger than any of the competitors
Quality PVC
The 550g UV resistant, UK fireproof certified, UV resistant, blackout PVC is a little heavier than others but benefits from more tensile strength and increased durability. This PVC is proven in the field for over 10 years on the Pagoda Canopy
Fireproof PVC
All the PVC is fully tested in a UK laboratory to meet strict UK fireproof regulations. If you are using this at a public event be aware that if a fire officer finds that the PVC hasn't got a UK specific fireproof certificate (a general European or American will not be sufficient) you may be asked to take your marquee down
Adjustable poles
One of the oldest Pagoda Canopy's still in operation is over 10 years old now. It was one of the first batches sold and since then we have only ever been improving the design and materials
Walls included
The Pagoda Canopy's come with 2x Georgian window walls 1x Plain wall with a 1.5m zip door in the middle and 1x Plain wall. The 6x6m and 5x5m come with 2x Georgian windows per window wall. All walls come with tabs and pins at 500mm increments along the bottom of the wall and a mud skirt to deflect win and rain entering the tent
Designed in the UK
The Pagoda Canopy has been exclusively designed for the UK market and weather. It uses a boltless design with a heavy duty aluminium frame and has been hired for over 10 years, all year round
Connects to others
Connect 2x Pagoda Canopy's together to double the space but not sacrifice on protection. The gutters are made to seamlessly connect the tent together and have a spout each end to take the water away. You can also connect a 6x6m Pagoda Canopy with an Espree
Espree Feet
The Pagoda Canopy comes with an additional 4x 560mm stakes and 4x strong ratchets for extra securing during variable weather conditions. You get a total of 8 stakes per marquee
Transports in a van
With the longest part at 2.82m (half of the 6x6m centre pole that is split with a sleeve), the Pagoda Canopy can fit in cars with a roof rack or most small vans
The Pagoda XG come with the XG Wall Ground Bar System included
Covering manufacture defects. We don't think you'll need it, but for piece mind it's there
Wind Loadings
Crown Canopies marquees are designed and built strong. See here for how a 50mph wind loading can apply


Up to 54 with tables

6x6m Pagoda seating plans
Using 5ft round tables the Pagoda can comfortably seat approx. 40 or using 6x2.3ft trestle tables it can seat approx 54. Join them together or to an Espree for even more coverage
(Click on image to expand)
The 6x6m offers 36m² of free space for dining, dancing or general socialising. Join them together seemlessly with a gutter or to an Espree or 12m Hex



5 hires
(Avg. hire price is £160.00 per hire)


(Avg. hire price is £1,499.00 per hire)


(Avg. hire price is £250.00 per hire)
After charging an industry average price a Pagoda could have paid for itself in as little as 5 hires (excludes VAT, delivery and hire related costs)


NanoLink Water Weight Set (new)

12x water weights (3x per leg)

Marquee water weights
The NanoLink Water Weights is a collapsable solution for securing on hardstanding
(Click on image to expand)
Compatible with the Pagoda and Hex, the NanoLink Water Weight is a sealed PVC bag capable of holding 60kg of water for securing marquees on hardstanding surfaces


To join to another 6x6m Pagoda

Pagoda gutter
(1x 6m gutter to join two Pagoda Canopy's)

To join to an Espree

Espree to Pagoda gutter
(1x gutter to connect a 6m Pagoda to the 19ft side of an Espree)

To join to a 12m Hex

Espree to Pagoda gutter
(1x gutter to connect a 6m Pagoda to any side of a 12m Hex
Use gutters to create a modular and waterproof structure

UHD Stake Puller

The ultimate marquee stake puller

Stake puller
With an innovative jaw system, the UHD stake puller makes getting under stake heads and pulling stakes an easy one hand opperation

If you find pulling stakes a tedious and labour intensive job, the UHD stake puller is your new best friend

Easy Petrol Marquee Post Driver

Honda powered 4 stroke marquee stake driver

Marquee water weights
Powered by the Honda GX-35 engine, the Easy Petrol Post Basher makes short work of stake driving and extends their life
(Click on image to expand)
More details coming soon....

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