12m Star

Designed for the UK weather. Not to be mistaken for the weaker PU coated nylon variety available in the market
WindRatings Warranty AluminiumFrame
Price: £1,498.00 + VAT (includes walls and stakes)

Out of stock. See the 16m Star for the nearest size. Contact us for more details

The Star tent is a twist on the traditional pole tent but incorporates a strong, modern design and materials.

Comfortably seating 64-74 people and with a longest part of 2.2m and weighing just 138kg, its easily transportable for many small or medium size events.

  • Errected within 1 hour (weather permitting, using 2 people, excluding walls, first few times may take longer)
  • Heavy Duty White 500g PVC (17.6 oz) - UK fireproof approved to B.S. 5438, translucent and UV resistant
  • Anodised T6061 aluminium poles with an adjustable centre pole (class leading diameter of 76mm)
  • 3x Panoramic walls with securing tabs and pins, and a mud skirt
  • 3x Plain walls with securing tabs and pins, and a mud skirt
  • Specially designed feet that take up to 4 large stakes each
  • 18x 750mm double head stakes
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    Why we use a predominantly Anodised Aluminium structure:

    • Pros: Rigidity, cost, strength
    • Cons: Weight, aesthetics, naturally prone to corrosion
    • Used in: Budget marquees (for the poles)

    Steel is comparatively more rigid than aluminium, but this strength comes with a weight penalty, meaning the poles will be more challenging to handle and move. Steel needs to be galvanised for outdoor use, but can still leave black marks on material that rubs up against it. It is a cost effective choice for the poles of mass market, budget end marquees.

    Anodised Aluminium Alloy:
    • Pros: Durability, lightweight, corrosion resistance, aesthetics
    • Cons: Cost
    • Used in: Premium marquees (for the poles)

    Aluminium is a lighter metal than steel and in order to strengthen aluminium it is combined with a second metal to create an alloy. Aluminium can then be anodised to resist corrosion better than steel, requiring less maintenance. The aesthetic look of anodised aluminium is also another reason it is popular for premium marquees. You will only find anodised large aluminium poles / boxing in premium marquees.

    Due to its aesthetic, weight and durability, aluminium comes with a more expensive price tag.

    At Crown Canopies we do not use steel poles for the above reasons. Instead we use a hard anodised aluminium alloy for the poles and occasionally use corrosive resistant, zinc plated / galvanised steel parts where we require the strength of steel without adding unnecessary bulk.

    This creates an ideal combination of a strong, yet lightweight strucutre which is built to last.

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    Aluminium frame
    The Star uses the strongest T6061 hard anodised aluminium with a 76mm diameter centre tube and a 3.2mm wall. This is designed to be resilient for the UK weather.
    Quality PVC
    The 500g UV resistant, UK fireproof certified, UV resistant, translucent PVC is heavier than PU coated nylon but far stronger and far easier to maintain. Most star type marquees come with PU coated nylon but we use a more durable PVC
    Fireproof PVC
    All the PVC is fully tested in a UK laboratory to meet strict UK fireproof regulations. If you are using this at a public event be aware that if a fire officer finds that the PVC hasn't got a UK specific fireproof certificate (a general European or American will not be sufficient) you may be asked to take your marquee down
    Adjustable poles
    An adjustable centre foot allows you to increase or decrease the theoretical height of the centre poles. This is particularly useful for keeping the top tensioned on uneven ground and also makes it easier to erect. With a Pole lifter / Stake puller it makes it even easier to adjust the pole length when its in place and pull the 12 double head stakes out
    Walls included
    The Star comes with 3x Panoramic window walls and 3x Plain walls. All walls come with heavy duty 50mm Velcro to connect to the roof, tabs at 500mm across the bottom of the walls and pins. The Velcro has been fully tested to prevent water and wind entering the tent
    Designed in the UK
    The Star has been exclusively designed for the UK market and weather. It uses far more securing than alternatives available and will therefore extend a hire season further than possible before
    Quick to erect
    The Star uses a traditional style of a pole tent with a modern design to make the basic PVC top very quick to erect. Usually it can be up within 1 hour (weather permitting)
    Espree Feet
    The tailor made feet have been designed to allow unprecedented securing that covers outside and inside of the tent. Provided in the price are 2x 750mm double head stakes per foot. Add another stake or two for the most variable conditions
    With 12x 750mm double head stakes the 12m Star is incredibly strong and versatile
    Transports in a van
    With the longest part at 2.2m (a third of the centre pole that is split with a sleeves), the Star can fit in and on cars with a roof rack or most small vans



    5 hires
    (Avg. hire price is £300.00 per hire)


    (Avg. hire price is £315.00 per hire)

    19m Twin

    (Avg. hire price is £400.00 per hire)
    After charging an industry average price a 12m Star could have paid for itself in as little as 5 hires (excludes delivery and hire related costs)


    Up to 74 with tables

    12m Star seating
    Using 5ft round tables the 12m Star comfortably seats 64 as a stand alone unit.
    (Click on image to expand)
    The 12m Star allows for seating up to 74. Alternatively you could use a horse shoe bar to create a serving area


    Pole lifter and stake puller

    Pole lifter / stake puller
    (To achieve the maximum tension on the roof and pull out the stakes with ease)
    The pole lifter / stake puller is primarily produced for the Star Canopy series. It allows you to shrink the centre poles in size which makes them easier to get into position, and then extend them to get a tighter PVC top. Without it you may need more people to erect the tent. Additionally you can use it to easier pull out the 12x double head stakes