About us

Short version

Lets face it, there are a few marquee suppliers to choose from. There are similar shapes and sizes, which might make you think they are all the same quality coming from the same place?

Well that's where we differ. We have always been based in the UK, and always designed our products for the UK. We haven't taken a generic import, because quite often they're not spec'd up enough to handle the demands of the UK weather!

We have been operating in the UK for over 15 years, designing and iterating our marquees to stay ahead of our competitors. We work with our customers every year, which is why if you bought a Pagoda from us 15 years ago and bought a new one in 2020, you would see many improvements. Sometimes these upgrades have come from customer feedback and sometimes from our own desire to provide the best. You'll see we offer more stakes, window walls, stronger ratchets, mud walls and many other upgrades, all backed by our 5 year framework warranty.

We aren't a marquee warehouse or an amazon style sell everything under the sun, but what we do is focus on a small group of products and make them the leaders in their sector, often in quality, always on price.

If you find an alternative product which you think is better for your money, please reach out to us. We don't always best advertise our strengths, but we would appreciate the opportunity to talk through them with you

That's the short(ish) version, if you want to read our life story of how we got to over 30 years of experience in the marquee industry, see below

Long version

Crown Canopies started out life as part of one of the biggest and highest quality marquee manufacturers in the UK. Tectonics UK was setup by Andy and Simon nearly 25 years ago after 10 years of living and breathing the marquee hire industry as Alresford Marquees.

After 6 years it became apparent that sales of the Pagoda Canopy alone would be enough to sustain itself as a standalone business. In 2011 the Pagoda canopy (originally named Value Canopy) was split off and named 'The Value Canopy Company' which is run by former Tectonics UK partner Andy.

That focus on delivering durable, quality products for the UK market has not stopped, In 2014 we developed and introduced the Star and TwinStar. In 2015 we introduced the Espree and then in 2020 we introduced the Hex. We also changed our name to Crown Canopies, to better reflect the products and service we offer

In 2020 we are still run by Andy with over 30 years experience in the hire, design and manufacture of high quality marquees.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and commercial quality at a competitive price. We position ourselves alongside (and in many respects above according to our customers) Tentnology and Eureka but at a fraction of their prices, with the durability to beat the best in the business. This allows many of our marquee hire customers to get a quicker return on their investment compared to our competitors.

You won't see extensive marketing from us anywhere, which means you don't pay for it either. Instead we prefer to invest in the product and keep prices low, developing new products and refining our already well regarded products, rather than investing in a big marketing budget. We believe the focus should always be on the product quality and meeting customers needs, and word of mouth will do the rest.

If you would like to know anything more, or get advice about starting a hire company we are more than happy to speak over the phone or through email. You might not hear it that often but marquees are our passion and we love to share our knowledge with new businesses. Whether you're interested our products or another companies, we know most manufacturers in the business and will point you in the right direction.

Crown Canopies