NanoLink Marquee Water Weight (white, 75 litre)

The easily transportable solution for hardstanding where staking isn't possible

Price: £34.00 (ea) + VAT
Discounted to £29.00 when purchased with a marquee

Compatible with the Pagoda and Hex, the NanoLink Water Weight is a sealed PVC bag capable of holding 75kg of water for securing marquees on hardstanding surfaces.

  • Ultimate convenience: Fill up at a water source then carry them to position. Say goodbye long hoses, heavy concrete blocks or bags of sand
  • Modular: Link multiple Nano Water Weights together to achieve the necessary weighting
  • Collapsible: When empty, each NanoLink is 55x55x3cm, taking up less space in transportation
  • Protection: Comes with an extra bag on the base for wear
  • Lightweight: Just 1.25kg without water
  • Reinforced: Webbing and heavy duty PVC reduces the chances of punctures and adds strength
  • White top covers available on request

Recommendations per marquees (conditions apply):

  • 3x3m - 4.5x4.5m Pagoda: A minimum of 2x Nano Water Weights per leg
  • 5x5m - 6x6m Pagoda, 9m Hex: A minimum of 3x Nano Water Weights per leg
  • 12m Hex: A minimum of 4x Nano Water Weights per leg


Accessories (marquee order prices):

  • Save on the accessories delivery costs by selecting a Combo deal
  • For large or more complex orders please contact us.

Next day delivery

  • Freight to London, Isle of Wight, Ireland, Scotland is extra. Please contact us.



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If you require other mofications or accessories please contact us. We have capability to make some products in house or will recommend suppliers if not.

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