Marquees for Sale, professional quality. Chinese hat / Pagoda marquee, Star tent, Twin Star tent, Espree tent. Party tents, wedding marquee, catering tents, garden gazebo
Espree Marquee - Small party tent for dining

Espree Capri style party tent
Aluminium frame
Quality PVC
Fireproof PVC
Adjustable poles
Walls included
Designed in the UK
Espree Seating
Connects to others
Transports in a van

From £2,599.00 inc. walls and stakes

Pagoda / Chinese Hat Marquee

Chinese hat logo
Professional marquee
Sliding door
Strong Aluminium
White wedding tents
Public tent
For UK weather
Medium party size
Fits on a car

From £795.00 inc. walls and stakes

Star tent and Twin Star tent

Traditional shape marquee
Long lasting  aluminium
UV resistant PVC
For public events
For gardens and grass
Window walls as standard
Quality manufacture
Large wedding parties
Pop up speed
Compact size

From £1,498.00 inc. walls and stakes

Parties, weddings, festivals and more....

Wedding / party Marquee Tent

A Pagoda Canopy is often used for a party, service tent, side tent for a bar, wedding reception, celebration or as an entrance to a larger tent or marquee. Image courtesy of Peak Hire Marquees

Garden / restaurent marquee

The Pagoda or Star Canopies make great catering tents. The 4m or 5m are popular with smaller festival stalls, with the 19m TwinStar proving covering for up to 116 seated or plenty of dancing room. Image courtesy of a catering company

Outside marquee

The Espree Canopy's are available in 28x28ft, 28x38ft, 22x44ft or 28x57ft. It's a mix of traditional and modern styles which is great for dining and dancing. Join them together easily to each other, a Capri® or a 6m x 6m Pagoda Canopy

White wedding tent

If your looking for a quality garden tent look no further than a small Pagoda. The 6x6m has been tested in a single spot for 7 years and not moved a muscle

Market stall marquee

At a market or promotional event the Pagodas create a practical and protected space. These three Pagoda Canopies are joined with 2 gutters to make the whole unit completely waterproof. Image courtesy of Hattingly Valley Wines

About us

Crown Canopies started out life as part of one of the biggest and highest quality marquee manufacturers of the UK. Tectonics UK was setup by Andy and Simon nearly 20 years ago after 10 years of marquee hiring as Alresford Marquees.

Starting in 2005 the Pagoda Canopy was sold through Tectonics UK. It penetrated the market hard with its commercial grade quality, and being half the price of the equivalent quality product, it was and still is unbeatable value for money.

After 6 years it became apparent that sales of the Pagoda Canopy alone would be enough to sustain itself as a standalone business. In 2011 the Pagoda Canopy (originally named Value Canopy) sales were split off and to be sold by 'The Value Canopy Company' which is run by Tectonics UK partner Andy.

Since then we have developed and introduced new marquees in the Star, TwinStar and Espree and changed our company name to Crown Canopies to reflect these new products.

In 2015 we are still run by Andy with 30 years experience in the hire, design and manufacture of high quality marquees.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and commercial quality at a competitive price. We position ourselves alongside Tentnology and Eureka but at a fraction of their prices, with the durability to match the best in the business. This allows many of our marquee hire customers to get a quicker return on their investment compared to our competitors.

If you would like to know anything more or get advice about starting a hire company we are more than happy to speak over the phone or through email.


Hi Max and Andy, Marquee received and up! – very pleased with overall quality and look...
Fisher Marquees

The pagoda was a big hit yesterday and it is now packed away. I am very happy with the pagoda and it is much better quality than I thought it would be...
Bay Tree Events

RE 19m TwinStar: The tent is very stylish and attracted many positive comments. If the side panels are off it creates a following space where people can walk in and out though all sides...
Twin Star outside dining
Catering company

On our opening day we had 3x 6m Pagodas connected with gutters. We found them very easy to set up and they look extremely professional. We’ll be using them for other events and promotion days we have...
3x 6x6m  Pagoda Marquee at a promotional event 3x 6x6m  Pagoda Marquee at a promotional event
Hattingley Valley Wines

We now have two 6x6 pagoda canopies and they are brilliant for our medium sized events – they go up and down quickly and two people can realistically manage to erect them with ease...
2:09 Events

The Chinese Hats are extrememly quick and simple to assemble. They can be used for anything from walkway entrances to singe standing structures. Alternatively, with the use of their specially designed gutters it is possible to join several hats together...
Perfect Pitch Marquees

The Canopies have been an excellent buy, they are popular with the customers and good value for money, and the customer service from Crown Canopies is excellent, I would definitely buy more, and as we say in Wales Diolch yn fawr iwan (Thank you very much)”
Twin Star outside dining Twin Star Wedding
Peak Hire Marquees

We have 5 of the 6x6m and 1 of the 3x3m Pagoda Canopies. These little tents are by far our best earner...
Celebrate in Style


Espree² 102

7 hires
(Avg. hire price is £490.00 per hire)

Espree² 148

7 hires
(Avg. hire price is £600.00 per hire)
After charging an industry average price an Espree could have paid for itself in as little as 7 hires (excludes VAT, delivery and hire related costs)



5 hires
(Avg. hire price is £160.00 per hire)


(Avg. hire price is £185.00 per hire)


(Avg. hire price is £250.00 per hire)
After charging an industry average price a Pagoda could have paid for itself in as little as 5 hires (excludes VAT, delivery and hire related costs)



5 hires
(Avg. hire price is £300.00 per hire)


(Avg. hire price is £315.00 per hire)

19m Twin

(Avg. hire price is £400.00 per hire)
After charging an industry average price a Star or Twin Star could have paid for itself in as little as 5-6 hires (excludes VAT, delivery and hire related costs)